I thought you had a pretty mouth can you please just close it!!!!

So one of the most common problems after a relationship after a relation ship is the gossip machine. I hear it all the time . The ex talking crap and spreading rumors sometimes years after the break up . So my question is If they sucked that bad and you broke up, why continue to talk about them. Listen I understand that a break up can be emotionally scaring and you need that one true friend to let it all out to. However, if you broke up and they were that terrible to you then stop talking to others about them. Personally I have experienced this more times then I care to admit. So why do I think the EX does this. Well a few reasons. In their mind they most likely mis you and the relationship they are in is not as good as it was with you. Could also be that they have to justify to themselves that you were the problem and they were not. They are simply self centered evil people. Or it can be that they were not happy with you and feel that no one that is with you should be. JUST STOP AND GROW THE HELL UP. You didn’t want them it didn’t work stop being little bitches and let it go. If the person you were with really loved you even 2 or 3 years down the road your words hurt. Let them have their closure. Get help find a hobby other then trying to ruin some else’s life. I have had 2 that continue to attempt to cause drama in my life. Hell I have gone as far as moving to a different county but yet the drama still comes. It is not healthy for anyone involved. Hey why not try and and solve those issues and just move on and allow your ex to do the same. In most cases the true reason of a break up is unknown. Its funny in a relationship you try and protect the others feeling by watching what you say and keeping true thoughts at times to yourself. In the end it’s a MMA fight with no rules. If you ever said I love you to this person why would you do this.

Lets take a moment and talk about friends. One other common problem is your friends. You know the ones you abandon when you find this awesome person that takes all of your time. Well news flash STOP ABANDONING YOUR TRUE FRIENDS. If your current partner does not like your friends well try and talk about it and work it out. Listen I understand we all have that bad influence. Love should not be control you may not like one of your partners friends but frankly who the hell do you think you are ? This type attitude is the start of the demise of your relationship. No one likes to be controlled. So stop it. You need to figure out balance if you do not wanna hang out with your partners friends it is ok but you shouldn’t expect them not to. You need to balance time for you as a couple and time for that interaction with your friends. If you love someone you should be able to trust them , guess what if you can not trust them for the love of cake GET OUT OF IT. Underlying mistrust will eat away at you. I find myself in a problem in this area well to things actually I have a lot of female friends they talk to me a lot. I hug them when I see them hell I hug my guy friends as well. In one of my recent relationships I made a mistake BAD DOLPH!!!!!! I shared that I liked a couple of my friends. This was the start of the demise of my relationship. One would think honesty is one of the things that a women would want. Now did that mean I was going to break up and date one of them well no. What should I have expected after all my exs all of them knew my phone passcode and email passcode, I was confident in my trust and relationship that I would not hide a thing. Funny part is they all locked their phones and would like try and hide the phone screen from me. Guess I was the only honest one.

So what do I hope this post accomplishes. For me it was Honesty and trust are important. Friends are important just as I wanted to be trusted I needed to trust. Balance you need other people in your life not just your partner. Let’s face it if it does not work out with your partner these are the people to get you through.

Thanks for reading hope it helps please share your comments. Until next week keep rebuilding your worth it


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