Hope, Brings Happiness , Desire , Motivation and even Depression

Hope can be so many things for so many people.  Most view hope as a positive, however it has a tricky side or two.  Hope in itself is the driving force for so many things we desire.  You all have been to the point of hope.  Hope can have a dangerous side. When what you hoped does not happen the way you expect it to. If not managed carefully this type of letdown can cause you sadness and lead to depression.

Hope can also be the driving force for choices we make. For example I was just speaking with a friend of mine. She shared her story. Basically she is in love with someone that she feel she feels she has a deep connection with, for whatever reason they did not work. Her hope is that at some point they will be together again.  This hope had caused her to make decisions with in her life that would benefit them both in the end even tho they are currently together. So her hope of in the future being with this man causes her to make decisions which in some cases have the potential to hold her back for the benefit of a life together with this man which may or may not happen.  It is within my opinion that this could have the potential to do a few things. Depression will be extremely hard and deep if the two never become one again. Additionally, she would have the potential to hold herself back from great things that may be presented to her if they do not fit within the plan that she has determined within her mind. Anything is possible and if her desire is fulfilled then choices she has made to this point will fit well for her and this man.  My experience has shown me that anytime I have made choices based upon the hopes of gaining something haven’t really worked for me. It causes me to end in a really emotionally dark place.  My pursuit at relationship usually involves women that are younger then I. My hopes is that this trend continues.  Because of this hope I find myself exercising a lot, trying to keep up on latest dance trends and so forth and so on.  The benefit is that I am really pretty healthy and apparently fun at parties. I also giggle at the fact that I am in better shape and have better stamina then most of the young boys (Um sorry men) the type of women I am interested in go after.

My life has had its share of positive hope and negative hope. Hope is an extremely motivating thing. Recently I have posted a lot of videos both on my snap chat and face book a lot of times I am singing. Singing is one of those things that has been part of me since I was at Union Ave Baptist Church Choir in Patterson, New Jersey back when I was like 5 . Back then I was carefree the opinions of others were not the driving force that hope of not being judged or made fun of never crossed my mind. Today I have recently started singing again and I get made fun of and some people have even have complemented me or stated that I have inspired them to sing again. Truth is that was one of my hopes I hoped that if I did it perhaps others would join in. Spreading the joy of music to all. The other hope for me is that a couple of the females that I am interested but as of late I am so gun shy in ask to go out.  My hope is they would see that vulnerable tender side of whom I am and be interested in getting to know me better and perhaps being the last relationship I ever have to search for.

In closing just remember hope can be so many things just be careful on how much you allow it to change or control you destiny and desire.  As always thank you for your time.  If you have a story you want shared or if you have comments please send them to me at dolphnotes@gmail.com . Please like, share and follow the blog. Mt hope is to still do an audio version of dolphnotes next year on my own internet radio station.  Also if you want to be a guest writer or a regular writer please contact me.

I decent deduction of HOPE  Watson :



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