In times of past the noble was the type of person held with in high regard within the kingdom. Sadly this time has passed. It seems that there is a new hero to most fair maidens within the kingdom now. They seem to have this infatuation with the Douche, you know who this person is I am sure you know or have seen one. This is the person that treats the fair maiden as if she is a servant, a prize, property, a grand trophy. She holds no value to him other than to be there to satisfy his needs and hers, well please they hold no relevance.

Let’s take a moment to speak of the noble. This is the chap that is probably in that friend-zone that I spoke of during the previous post. This is the guy that you have the nerve to say things to him like “I wish my man was half the man you are” or “you’re so nice why are you single”. This is the guy that treats you and mostly everyone around them with high respect. This person is probably still loyal to people even with the level of disrespect and amount of times they have been hurt or used.  This is most likely the one person you know that would answer your text, or call quicker and more consistently then your other. Checks up on you even though you probably have ignored the” Hey how have you been text for 2 or 3 days before you answer it.” Sadly the noble already most likely knows you will never be his queen, however talking to you most likely comforts him and frankly his compassion for you comforts you.

Scary thing is a lot of the douches are masters of playing noble just long enough for you to fall for them. Once you have fallen the douchery starts. Countless times I witness good women getting used, hell some of these douches should have a swinging door or a turnstile as a bedroom door. Chances are the chic at the local convenience store sees them more then you do. Yet they are the best thing since the invention of a manicure and pedicure combo sale. For the life of me I cannot understand why this is even your choice. Recently I had an opportunity to ask a couple of great women why? The answer was they like the bad boy, they think they can fix them and how cute they are.  Well the noble can also have that rebel side and will still respect you. The noble probably also has issues that need a fix and well the cute thing is either you have it or you don’t. This difference is you will most likely be treated as the queen of the kingdom and will walk by his side, not behind him or even in front of him. They will be open to share things with you like they will be able to hand over their unlocked phone if asked. Chances are your will not have to call first for a surprise pop over visit. Not saying this is something you should or even ask for. Three relationships within my time the women of my life at the time would always be texting and always hide the screens or go to another room when texting. Turns out all 3 of those women cheated on me. Me on the other hand my phone is only locked with a password when I am at work when I was home it was unlocked and set on a counter. Hell I remember getting screamed and yelled at for even touching hers to move it to clean the table.  Funny thing is after the break ups they had a new man within weeks or sometimes days.

Can you convert a Douche to a noble NO YOU CAN NOT they are the only ones that can change themselves, oh and by the way they have to want to and come up with the idea on their own. If you push them you are just making things worse for yourself.  Most cases the abuse keeps up for years and sadly is tolerated, really sad as so many nobles are available. To each there own though, the nobles within your life will most likely always be there and chances are you talk to them more than your douche and most likely they know more about you then your douche does.

Can a noble be a douche sadly yes. Chances are this is extremely short lived, chances are you caught them at a low point of their day and the douchery was a reaction of the feelings they have for you that you do not respect or fail to see. After all they are human.  This really is not being a Douche it is them having a hard time dealing with the way you are being treated.  Or they are trying to act in a way that they feel you respond to.

Me personally I am a noble. Sadly at times I wish I was a douche. Seems that they are happy, the people they are with most likely are not. I know seems like a self- centered comment.   I would be lying to you if I said the thought never crossed my mind. Truth is I do not have it in me, besides I have learned that my values define whom I am and it is what helped me to obtain the respect people have for me.  If you have a douche chances are your happiness will take a long time for you to see that is if you’re lucky enough to see it at all.

So what does this all mean?  Frankly I do not know other then. Maybe we should all consider all sides of a situation. Maybe people’s feelings should matter and we all should show a little compassion for all those around us.  Douches will normally stay a Douche for most of their time. They may have a few good days, weeks, or months but I am betting they will continue to be a douche. Just as the Noble will still always be a noble and will endure the trials and tribulations of your life with you, WHY? Frankly because that is who they are and standing by the sides of people they care about is all they know and they are good at it.

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