Give Up …… Well sometimes you must.

There is a point within a relationship and frankly life that you just feel like giving up or you give up. Most importantly if you have that constant felling of low self-worth please for the LOVE OF SWEET BABY JESUS get help talk to a Doctor.  Two of the most common reasons for suicide in the US are relationship based or based upon a Medical condition or diagnosis.

Giving up on a relationship is not necessarily a bad thing. When a relationship hits that unhealthy level of toxicity it needs to end. Not a single person on the face of this earth deserves to live in an environment to which they consistently feel unwanted or unappreciated. Of course before you get to this point if you really care about this person and relationship you need to go through the steps. You need to talk it out, try counseling and then WALK AWAY before it consumes your life or makes you sick or even worse.

Hardest thing is when you love someone and their lack of respect for you or feeling that everything is a struggle dealing with them breaks down what you were. From a male perspective (well a man of old school values) we compartmentalize everything, we do not like to show emotions (or burden our loved one with), we are generally task driven so we may not open be or show emotional moments. Trust me in most cases this does not mean you’re not loved or respected men generally struggle with showing true emotion. The older of us are taught to be strong and not seem weak by letting emotions drive or control us.   That whole real men don’t cry BS.  Truth is real men do cry you just may not see it.  The difference is our crying may be different then what you are accustom to see.  Personally yes tears have come out of my eyes from time to time but more common I get quite, direct, arrogant, and cocky and frankly sometimes a real asshole. Or I will seclude myself or become distant. If I would step back and look at my own behavior I can see how that can make my other feel like giving up. Truth is I was trying to protect them from me looking week, the actual truth is it made me look insensitive and that of an asshole. Chances are that if I was more of a man and stepped up and was responsible as a man I would have sat down and opened up.

Like anything in a relationship it is a balance and sometime it is toxic and not fixable. Again if you have gone through the motions and you cannot see a positive light at the end then please get out. Depression takes a lot away from life and honestly I feel at times it is worse than the effect of suicide. I am sure that some of you have that WTF do you mean suicide is horrible. YES IT IS and personally I think cowards commit suicide noble honest people find a way to get through it.  If you are depressed and are just making it through your day chances you inadvertently take that out on all those around you. Thereby YOU ARE CAUSING OTHERS AROUND YOU TO FEEL HORRIBLE ABOUT THEMSELVES.  YOU MAY BE CAUSING BEHAVIORIAL ISSUES FOR YOUNG SIBLINGS OR CHILDREN. The saying goes misery Loves Company you may be the misery inadvertently creating company.  This is how it was growing up in my house at times when I was younger, if one of the siblings went through a break up we all were aggravated and depressed. Hell happens today as an adult with my housemates if one of us are off and having a bad time the others feel it.

So should you give up YES on somethings if your relationship ended then it is most likely not meant to be, anytime I got a second run or gave someone a second run I was always reminded of why we left the first time. Keeping the false hope is only holding yourself back.

I believe in soulmates with that said you do not break up with your soulmate so you might feel that they are but if they were, then shouldn’t you be together by the very definition of soulmate.

If you have gone through talking, and seeking professional help and you still want to give up on the relationship then DO IT or stop bitching about it.

More importantly learn the signs of depression and get help. It is not fair that you abuse the neighbor kid or the clerk at the store or friends or family because you can’t keep your shit together. Realize that if you cannot keep your stuff together then you need help. Asking for help from loved ones is a lot easier then rebuilding a relationship after you have alienated them.

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