Dating WTF is that anymore?

The Idea of dating has changed so much over the years.  When I was younger and started to date Dinner and a Movie was just that. Maybe after a month or so you did the have sex thing. Recently I have read a lot of posted about dating and basically how most people no longer understand what it  is and how to do it. Frankly I feel it is because as times have changed a sort of sense of entitlement is expected. Most feel they are entitled to that prince or princes off the cuff. Frankly a relationship is work and a balance of give and take. It is a partnership where each builds the other to the status of their prince or princess.   If you act and dress like a whore you are going to attract those that will treat you that way. Now I am not saying do not dress to impress just saying if you look like a pimp should me managing you calendar I do not want to hear you whine that all Suzie and or Johnny want to do with me is have sex. If the only place you go out on a date is your or their apartment this is not building a relationship. Unfortunately we have become a sexually driven society. Things like Netflix and chill have become a way.  Other factors I think that have because this lack of true dating ability is that we are a stressed and over worked society so we skip right to the release of sexual frustration. We focus on quick short term release of gratification.  This in itself is in my mind sad.

Perhaps if we actually started dating like they did back in the day and focused on things like truly getting to know someone and not focusing on how long it will take me to lick that like a snow cone. Society in itself would be a happier place. One’s self-worth will be a focus and not the way they feel physically. People themselves perhaps will have more self-worth. I am guilty of the GOD DAMN you know someone walks by and you look at them and say GOD DAMN the things I’d like to do to that.  That in itself isn’t not necessarily bad unless you act on it. Difference is I am stuck in a timeframe that I feel no longer exists. If I invite someone for drinks then that’s what I expect drinks. Dinner and a movie is just that.  Netflix and chill again is just that. Several times in my life and I proudly say this, I have been in the situation that alcohol has caused me and some really attractive women (PS whom I was attracted to) have gotten so drunk and shared the same bed……. GUESS WHAT EVEN DRUNK I WAS A GENTLEMEAN AND OUR CLOTHING REMAINED ON.  Remembering that one time I did slip and caught myself cuddling her in the morning. I was mortified and very apologetic when we woke up. You see I hold myself to a higher standard and women to me are not meat or trophies.  Her response was Dolph please it is ok you are the only gentleman I know thanks for the cuddle it was nice, thanks for respecting me and my body. Currently I am beginning to feel that single will be the remainder of my days simply because people feel that guys like me no longer exist and frankly I feel that no women want chivalry and respect and to get to know people. Sad thing is it is what we all need. Our bodies and minds deserve more respect then they get. We are all just afraid to trust and take the chance that this one just may not be a pig.

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3 thoughts on “Dating WTF is that anymore?

  1. I would like to know who these women are that you’re meeting that don’t want a door opened (chivalry) or respect where sex us concerned until they are ready. And slap em in the head.


    1. It is not that they do not respect it ,it almost comes with a lecture identifying how they can take care of themselves. Some of it is an observation and or a story that was shared not necessarily pertaining to me personally.


  2. I completely agree with you. People do not know what dating is anymore. As a woman, I want to date , I want to go to dinner, movies, coffee, fun stuff, have car doors opened for me, drop me off at my front door, a good night kiss and nothing more. I don’t want to rush right into a sexual committed relationship right away . I don’t want the whole friends with benefits thing either because to me that is a way of saying “you are good enough for sex but not a commitment”. So yes there are woman out there that still want the old fashion dating.


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