LOVE YOU, ……………………………………………………………….. I am bored

Boredom can strike in relationships, that new warm and fuzzy relationship usually wears after a while. Couple of thoughts on this. Is it your relationship or your own life that bores you (goes for both of you)  . Reason I ask is that if you have gotten stuck in a routine or rut  you can actually depress yourself there by causing you to not want to do things. So perhaps before you wave the white flag and surrender you should start there.

Is there too  many stressing  things that make you tired emotionally so that your energy is low not allowing your spontaneous risk taking side to thrive. Or can you already be depressed or within poor health taking away your let’s say “fun side”? In my own life I know that I have been here, but before I figured it out the relationship was too far gone  to save. Had I realized this a year sooner I would probably still be in that relationship today.So before you allow your relationship to suffer or implode perhaps you should check yourself. Evaluate where you are and where you would like to be. Do not judge your relationship until you yourself is in order.

So let’s say you have done all that and you are bored well just a quick question. Is your relationship strictly sex based because if so well hate to tell you that is not a relationship. You are a play toy maybe that is your thing if so good  luck. You are missing what a relationship is.  Eventually you or the other will get emotionally attached and maybe your great friends. However, one day that may end the newer model comes out and there you are alone and now sexually frustrated. Good news for you I sell adult toys for both men and women you can find the link below in addition to a warm blanket and a towel to cry into .

Now let’s say that you’re in a monogamous relationship and there really is no spark or fun. Once you have both checked and fixed your own personal boredom you can now hopefully fix the relationship. Go back to the basics, go back to good morning and good night text. This is easy and simple to do hell I send them to a few people close to my heart and I am not and have not even been in a relationship with them other than friends. I know it makes them smile that someone thought enough of them. Buy flowers , write a poem. Do something remember back to when you first met and do one of those things. Get off your happy ass and do something on the thrill level together go skydiving, or to a gun range, anything.  DOLPH !!! all those things cost money.  You are right try these then …… GO FOR A WALK, GO HIKING, PUT A SHEET UP IN BACK YARD AND GET A PROJECTOR HAVE YOUR OWN DRIVE IN MOVIE, MAKE DINNER TOGETHER, SIT AND TALK, OR GET DRUNK AND PLAY NAKED TAG. Point is the relationship needs that time for the two of you. Listen we all get stressed we all get tired, but there was a time that this person was the only thing that mattered. You dropped friends talked less to family and sacrificed so much for this person is in not worth getting up and trying to do something. If you do not attempt to re-spark that love interest you or your partner  have the potential to give in to other temptations.

Lastly there are times where it is too far gone or it just will not change. The ball is in your court you must decide if it is the end or not. Times have changed the sanctity of marriage is not the same, relationships are not the same. Bottom line life is very short your last years you should try to be happy.

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