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So an interesting topic was presented to me and maybe by the end of this post I will have a better understanding as to where I stand on the topic. After putting a feeler out on Face Book I was sent the topic of “Genital Exclusiveness” followed with a statement of why is it that when one commits to a relationship why does that mean your sexual experiences are exclusive to that person.
Until I have started to research this topic I had no idea how many people have the idea that it is ok to have a sexual relation with someone even though they are in a committed relationship. I would personally say that I do not know anything other than a relationship that has a rule that what’s in our pants is only shared with each other. I once dated a stripper and would visit her at work and it used to drive me nuts with guys being all over her. However, after a few visits it became easier for me to accept it. Honestly as long as I spoke with her about it I am sure she would have been ok if I told her I wanted to have sex with someone else.
Morally this is not acceptable now I guess the hard part is why it is not. Other cultures do it and they still stay married or within their primary relationship. I think it is not accepted because of a few reasons. We were taught from young that this is not right. We have become sensitive jealous people. We are insecure about ourselves. Now again I am not sure where I personally stand I will further explain that soon.
Let’s say you want to have that golden pass, I would think that first of all you and your partner must agree and oh it cannot be a one sided thing. You cannot go out double dipping and then fight with your girl when she has been dipped buy someone else. One would have to be safe pregnancy is not the only fear you should have, one of the 100’s of STDs should be a concern.
Statistically as odd as it is relationships that have other sexual interaction last longer…. Yes I said that now out of those relationships in the study a high percentage of those extra relationship encounters were not sanctioned meaning someone was cheating on someone because the partner was not aware. The reason they went outside of their home was the thrill a new toy experiences that their current lover may not have been into. The swinger population has been doing this for years and they stay married let’s face it there is a difference between a keeper and a play toy.
Personally I would like to think I am a very open man. However, I know that I would feel not good enough that you would want to go elsewhere. With that said being in long term relationships I would say variety would have been interesting. After all there are couples that have threesomes or participate in orgies and those couple seem to be happy. Knowing a few couples like this I have to say they really are in love with each other and seem happy. Ironically they are confidant and very secure with themselves. Talking with them they say that the key is being honest and communicating with each other. There are rules and you must follow them. Protection is required and in some of those relationships the partner has to agree with your choice of play toy. So I guess I would say I am still on the fence however , if this is your kind of thing then by all means if it makes you and your partner happy then go for it.

I really would like your opinions on this one so please leave your comments.

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One thought on “HEY… I have papers that’s mine.

  1. I think you scratched the surface on a very deep topic and I applaud your efforts. We live only a fraction of a fraction in time, it is ridiculous to limit your experiences and opportunity. I hope you explore this more.

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