For the love of god be real

This is a difficult thing for me to write on a couple levels. Personally I feel that I am a good man however, it seems that my methods and values that I hold to as a man seem to no longer have relevance within this world.


Honesty not only with yourself but with your special someone. I feel a lot of unnecessary time is focused on who you think you have to be not whom you actually are. So why do it? In this society it seems that we feel never good enough, cute enough or worth the time investment it takes to be in a committed relationship. Here is an idea how about we all just be ourselves. Be honest with yourself be honest to your special someone. Stop lying to yourself by trying to be something you are not. Superficial beauty is temporary, false chivalry or kindness is so transparent and is seen through in an instant. So stop this nonsense and just be true and honest with each other.


Stop being dedicated to nonsense. Dedicate time and compassion to your relationships be it romantic or not. Stop living a life clouded by false idols. Stop spending time with your significant other buried within your electronic device. How about you engross yourself within the love of your someone and not your damn electronic devices. It is amazing to me how addicted we have become to social media. Countless times I see beautiful couple out at a restaurant and the whole time they are there the cell phones are out and they are having full blown conversations with people on their phones and the supposed love of their life is across the table  from them. SO STOP IT !!!!!!!! You will wonder one day why they left you perhaps because they feel unwanted by your act of stupidity.


So if you are going to be in a relationship BE LOYAL. This person you call your other, deserves all of you not part of you. You are not a a piece of candy or a toy that should be shared unless of  course you and your partner are into this kind of thing and you both agree. This is another area to where guys fail. Listen loyalty includes not asking for or sending nude pics to other women or men. If you have a relationship with lets say an ex you need to make that clear to your mate with defined rules. For instance having children I have a relationship with their mother no this  does not mean I am going to or want to have sex with her it simply means I will talk with her. Additionally, to this date she will call me for help or advice. News flash she does this because I AM A NICE GUY AND SHE TRUSTS ME AFTER ALL I AM THE FATHER OF HER CHILDREN. By no means does this mean we have the relationship we used to and we are going to fuck. On the other hand if you do have sexual feelings for your ex and you are tempted please please do not they are an ex for a reason.


In closing the basic human values to which I was given by my family seem to have minimal place within this worlds dating society, never within my being, have I felt so out of place being a honest, loyal and dedicated man.  Even still I shall not become something that I cannot live with.

I really would like your opinions on this one so please leave your comments.



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