What type is your show?

006-write-your-destiny-with-the-power-of-story-1400x1400Is it a Broadway show or a reality show? SO when you meet someone and want to date them or at very least get to know them better what type of show is it.  Honestly in the start it is most likely a theatrical Broadway performance worthy of an award. However, where does that get you when the reality series starts to take over?

We all find ourselves in this type of behavior from time to time in most aspects of our lives from work to home life to relationships. We all have the same wants and needs.  We have the need to feel wanted, needed, loved and respected by all those we come in contact with. Sometimes we all go a little overboard trying to impress people. Even those that have the attitude that they do not kiss peoples asses or are not anything but real and true. Well I call bullshit. There are times that you have put on a show. We all have.

We are all human and do stupid things like this. The catch is to try and be yourself and be respected for whom you are not what you thinks others want you to be. Recently I was at a network marketing event and I basically just sat back and watched and listened. We are driven by attention, as I watched I witnessed this first hand. I watched professionals stumbling all over themselves trying to be better than the person next to them.  The saddest point is I witnessed people getting lost in bullshit and most likely lost the biggest professional opportunities because they were speaking obvious bullshit.

This happens in dating type situations as well. We all have that one friend that we feel is more attractive, maybe financially better off and or maybe more outgoing then we are. When we go out with those folks it sometimes turns into a competition  to be noticed. Here is a thought why not just be you…. You are obviously friends with this person for a reason. Why not evaluate why you think these things of your friend and perhaps learn from them. In actuality you are probably viewed the same by one of your other friends you see we have those people in our lives and we are that same person for others in our circle. We all have that one friend that may make ourselves feel better when we are around perhaps more attractive or more outgoing or funny.  NEWS FLASH you are already all those things you just need to realize it. Stop comparing yourself to others and just be YOU.

If you start a relationship on lies and false impressions you risk the chance of losing some great people and opportunities in life. So just be you if those people and opportunities were meant to be they will happen. Take pride in yourself be thankful for your accomplishments respect yourself and others. JUST SIMPLY BE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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