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So as you try and find the one I think the following 15 things should really not matter as you pursue the one.  Sadly they are usually a focus and relationships fail because we tend to focus on one area rather than the greater picture.  We tend to forget that a relationship is embracing ones faults and working through them. None of us are perfect however, we expect our other to be. Kind of self-centered don’t you think?


  1. His height.Don’t cross someone off your list of potential future mates just because he’s not tall enough. There’s nothing wrong with not being attracted to someone (you can’t force chemistry), but don’t ignore an obvious connection just because he’s not physically the kind of person you normally date or have pictured yourself with.
  2. His body type.So he’s not as buff as the last guy you dated. But the last guy you dated was a jerk who didn’t care about you. Looks don’t last anyway.
  3. Whether or not he drinks.Instead of freaking out because he doesn’t like to party or enjoys a few drinks here and there, give them a chance. Even if you’re staunchly for or against some habits, you should get to know the person first.
  4. If he still lives at home.Tons of Millennials still live at home, so don’t sweat it if a potential love interest is trying to save on bills or pay off college debt. If this is why he’s living at home, that’s probably a good sign — he’s fiscally responsible, which bodes well for his (and potentially your) future.
  5. His age.If you like the person you’re with, it shouldn’t matter that he was too young to remember the ’90s or too old to have watched the same Nickelodeon cartoons as you. What’s important is that you share the same values and are obsessed with each other now. Or, as Owen Wilson says inWedding Crashers, see him as the counterpoint to your soul.
  6. Your gut reaction to his appearance.Whether you are typically drawn to the clean-cut type who gets his shirts professionally laundered or just love a dude with piercings and tattoos, don’t let someone who looks different from your “type” influence your perception of his boyfriend potential.
  7. What your friends think.It’s never bad to have your friends and family meet and offer their opinions on your potential life partner, but unless they’re getting serious ax-murderer vibes or perceive a major problem, don’t take it to heart if you disagree. If they think he’s potentially physically or emotionally abusive, you should be listening. If they think he’s kind of loud or annoying or “not talkative enough,” you shouldn’t worry.
  8. What he does for a living.Unless his job is something actively horrible, like designated puppy kicker, don’t let it frighten you off. He also might not fit the stereotype of others in his profession. Not all finance guys are total douchebags, after all.
  9. How many people he’s slept with.He might be way more or less experienced than you. Don’t let his relationship history make you feel weird about the fact that he’s slept with more or fewer people than you.
  10. How many serious relationships he’s had.He might be a serial relationship person or never have seriously committed to anyone before. We all know fromFifty Shades of Grey and After that men can change. So at least give him a chance.
  11. How much his interests align with yours.Sure, it’d be great if you’re both mega-athletes who bike 18-mile trails on the weekends, or movie addicts always going to the movies, but someone with way different interests can open you up to new experiences. And that can be romantic and fun and wonderful.
  12. His sense of style.Whether he spends his whole paycheck on Saville Row suits or wears the same old cargo shorts every weekend, it doesn’t matter. (If things get really serious, you can always throw away the cargo shorts when he isn’t looking.)
  13. If he’s well-traveled.People can be smart and wonderful and not have had the opportunity to explore other parts of the world. See it as an opportunity: You can explore together.
  14. If his previous partner was really hot (or not).It says nothing about his tastes or how shallow he is or how he feels about you. You’re not competing with his exes — they’re gone because he likesyou and not them.
  15. How much money he makes.Not all rich people are snotty and terrible, and plenty of people on the lower end of the income spectrum can make you happy. Life’s true riches come from the heart … or something. I don’t know, just don’t be shallow.


Sadly way too many relationships fail because one partner is so focused on one of these things socially society has become so impersonal we focus on social media interactions and not true face to face social interactions. We no longer know how to date or get to know one and another.  We worry about a status rather than a foundation of good personal communication. We have become so reliant on greed then love. It is more about social status then compassion.

My advice is simply this regardless of any of the above mental hang ups date people get to know them, a few dates is not a marriage. Get to know someone find the one not a Fuck Toy.



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