LOVE YOU, ……………………………………………………………….. I am bored

Boredom can strike in relationships, that new warm and fuzzy relationship usually wears after a while. Couple of thoughts on this. Is it your relationship or your own life that bores you (goes for both of you)  . Reason I ask is that if you have gotten stuck in a routine or rut  you can actually depress yourself there by causing you to not want to do things. So perhaps before you wave the white flag and surrender you should start there.

Is there too  many stressing  things that make you tired emotionally so that your energy is low not allowing your spontaneous risk taking side to thrive. Or can you already be depressed or within poor health taking away your let’s say “fun side”? In my own life I know that I have been here, but before I figured it out the relationship was too far gone  to save. Had I realized this a year sooner I would probably still be in that relationship today.So before you allow your relationship to suffer or implode perhaps you should check yourself. Evaluate where you are and where you would like to be. Do not judge your relationship until you yourself is in order.

So let’s say you have done all that and you are bored well just a quick question. Is your relationship strictly sex based because if so well hate to tell you that is not a relationship. You are a play toy maybe that is your thing if so good  luck. You are missing what a relationship is.  Eventually you or the other will get emotionally attached and maybe your great friends. However, one day that may end the newer model comes out and there you are alone and now sexually frustrated. Good news for you I sell adult toys for both men and women you can find the link below in addition to a warm blanket and a towel to cry into .

Now let’s say that you’re in a monogamous relationship and there really is no spark or fun. Once you have both checked and fixed your own personal boredom you can now hopefully fix the relationship. Go back to the basics, go back to good morning and good night text. This is easy and simple to do hell I send them to a few people close to my heart and I am not and have not even been in a relationship with them other than friends. I know it makes them smile that someone thought enough of them. Buy flowers , write a poem. Do something remember back to when you first met and do one of those things. Get off your happy ass and do something on the thrill level together go skydiving, or to a gun range, anything.  DOLPH !!! all those things cost money.  You are right try these then …… GO FOR A WALK, GO HIKING, PUT A SHEET UP IN BACK YARD AND GET A PROJECTOR HAVE YOUR OWN DRIVE IN MOVIE, MAKE DINNER TOGETHER, SIT AND TALK, OR GET DRUNK AND PLAY NAKED TAG. Point is the relationship needs that time for the two of you. Listen we all get stressed we all get tired, but there was a time that this person was the only thing that mattered. You dropped friends talked less to family and sacrificed so much for this person is in not worth getting up and trying to do something. If you do not attempt to re-spark that love interest you or your partner  have the potential to give in to other temptations.

Lastly there are times where it is too far gone or it just will not change. The ball is in your court you must decide if it is the end or not. Times have changed the sanctity of marriage is not the same, relationships are not the same. Bottom line life is very short your last years you should try to be happy.

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Dating WTF is that anymore?

The Idea of dating has changed so much over the years.  When I was younger and started to date Dinner and a Movie was just that. Maybe after a month or so you did the have sex thing. Recently I have read a lot of posted about dating and basically how most people no longer understand what it  is and how to do it. Frankly I feel it is because as times have changed a sort of sense of entitlement is expected. Most feel they are entitled to that prince or princes off the cuff. Frankly a relationship is work and a balance of give and take. It is a partnership where each builds the other to the status of their prince or princess.   If you act and dress like a whore you are going to attract those that will treat you that way. Now I am not saying do not dress to impress just saying if you look like a pimp should me managing you calendar I do not want to hear you whine that all Suzie and or Johnny want to do with me is have sex. If the only place you go out on a date is your or their apartment this is not building a relationship. Unfortunately we have become a sexually driven society. Things like Netflix and chill have become a way.  Other factors I think that have because this lack of true dating ability is that we are a stressed and over worked society so we skip right to the release of sexual frustration. We focus on quick short term release of gratification.  This in itself is in my mind sad.

Perhaps if we actually started dating like they did back in the day and focused on things like truly getting to know someone and not focusing on how long it will take me to lick that like a snow cone. Society in itself would be a happier place. One’s self-worth will be a focus and not the way they feel physically. People themselves perhaps will have more self-worth. I am guilty of the GOD DAMN you know someone walks by and you look at them and say GOD DAMN the things I’d like to do to that.  That in itself isn’t not necessarily bad unless you act on it. Difference is I am stuck in a timeframe that I feel no longer exists. If I invite someone for drinks then that’s what I expect drinks. Dinner and a movie is just that.  Netflix and chill again is just that. Several times in my life and I proudly say this, I have been in the situation that alcohol has caused me and some really attractive women (PS whom I was attracted to) have gotten so drunk and shared the same bed……. GUESS WHAT EVEN DRUNK I WAS A GENTLEMEAN AND OUR CLOTHING REMAINED ON.  Remembering that one time I did slip and caught myself cuddling her in the morning. I was mortified and very apologetic when we woke up. You see I hold myself to a higher standard and women to me are not meat or trophies.  Her response was Dolph please it is ok you are the only gentleman I know thanks for the cuddle it was nice, thanks for respecting me and my body. Currently I am beginning to feel that single will be the remainder of my days simply because people feel that guys like me no longer exist and frankly I feel that no women want chivalry and respect and to get to know people. Sad thing is it is what we all need. Our bodies and minds deserve more respect then they get. We are all just afraid to trust and take the chance that this one just may not be a pig.

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So as you might have read a few post back that my goal is to make dolphnotes a permanent site in addition to I would like to launch an internet radio station and include a dolphnotes audio show. So with that said it is hard to obtain sponsors for that so it will be all on my own dime until I have been establish for 6 months to a year.  So below is a bunch of websites I run that the proceeds go to the above mentioned project. Please shop and share the links. Thanks Dolph

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Give Up …… Well sometimes you must.

There is a point within a relationship and frankly life that you just feel like giving up or you give up. Most importantly if you have that constant felling of low self-worth please for the LOVE OF SWEET BABY JESUS get help talk to a Doctor.  Two of the most common reasons for suicide in the US are relationship based or based upon a Medical condition or diagnosis.

Giving up on a relationship is not necessarily a bad thing. When a relationship hits that unhealthy level of toxicity it needs to end. Not a single person on the face of this earth deserves to live in an environment to which they consistently feel unwanted or unappreciated. Of course before you get to this point if you really care about this person and relationship you need to go through the steps. You need to talk it out, try counseling and then WALK AWAY before it consumes your life or makes you sick or even worse.

Hardest thing is when you love someone and their lack of respect for you or feeling that everything is a struggle dealing with them breaks down what you were. From a male perspective (well a man of old school values) we compartmentalize everything, we do not like to show emotions (or burden our loved one with), we are generally task driven so we may not open be or show emotional moments. Trust me in most cases this does not mean you’re not loved or respected men generally struggle with showing true emotion. The older of us are taught to be strong and not seem weak by letting emotions drive or control us.   That whole real men don’t cry BS.  Truth is real men do cry you just may not see it.  The difference is our crying may be different then what you are accustom to see.  Personally yes tears have come out of my eyes from time to time but more common I get quite, direct, arrogant, and cocky and frankly sometimes a real asshole. Or I will seclude myself or become distant. If I would step back and look at my own behavior I can see how that can make my other feel like giving up. Truth is I was trying to protect them from me looking week, the actual truth is it made me look insensitive and that of an asshole. Chances are that if I was more of a man and stepped up and was responsible as a man I would have sat down and opened up.

Like anything in a relationship it is a balance and sometime it is toxic and not fixable. Again if you have gone through the motions and you cannot see a positive light at the end then please get out. Depression takes a lot away from life and honestly I feel at times it is worse than the effect of suicide. I am sure that some of you have that WTF do you mean suicide is horrible. YES IT IS and personally I think cowards commit suicide noble honest people find a way to get through it.  If you are depressed and are just making it through your day chances you inadvertently take that out on all those around you. Thereby YOU ARE CAUSING OTHERS AROUND YOU TO FEEL HORRIBLE ABOUT THEMSELVES.  YOU MAY BE CAUSING BEHAVIORIAL ISSUES FOR YOUNG SIBLINGS OR CHILDREN. The saying goes misery Loves Company you may be the misery inadvertently creating company.  This is how it was growing up in my house at times when I was younger, if one of the siblings went through a break up we all were aggravated and depressed. Hell happens today as an adult with my housemates if one of us are off and having a bad time the others feel it.

So should you give up YES on somethings if your relationship ended then it is most likely not meant to be, anytime I got a second run or gave someone a second run I was always reminded of why we left the first time. Keeping the false hope is only holding yourself back.

I believe in soulmates with that said you do not break up with your soulmate so you might feel that they are but if they were, then shouldn’t you be together by the very definition of soulmate.

If you have gone through talking, and seeking professional help and you still want to give up on the relationship then DO IT or stop bitching about it.

More importantly learn the signs of depression and get help. It is not fair that you abuse the neighbor kid or the clerk at the store or friends or family because you can’t keep your shit together. Realize that if you cannot keep your stuff together then you need help. Asking for help from loved ones is a lot easier then rebuilding a relationship after you have alienated them.

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So as you might have read a few post back that my goal is to make dolphnotes a permanent site in addition to I would like to launch an internet radio station and include a dolphnotes audio show. So with that said it is hard to obtain sponsors for that so it will be all on my own dime until I have been establish for 6 months to a year.  So below is a bundh of websites I run that the proceeds go to the above mentioned project. Please shop and share the links. Thanks Dolph

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In times of past the noble was the type of person held with in high regard within the kingdom. Sadly this time has passed. It seems that there is a new hero to most fair maidens within the kingdom now. They seem to have this infatuation with the Douche, you know who this person is I am sure you know or have seen one. This is the person that treats the fair maiden as if she is a servant, a prize, property, a grand trophy. She holds no value to him other than to be there to satisfy his needs and hers, well please they hold no relevance.

Let’s take a moment to speak of the noble. This is the chap that is probably in that friend-zone that I spoke of during the previous post. This is the guy that you have the nerve to say things to him like “I wish my man was half the man you are” or “you’re so nice why are you single”. This is the guy that treats you and mostly everyone around them with high respect. This person is probably still loyal to people even with the level of disrespect and amount of times they have been hurt or used.  This is most likely the one person you know that would answer your text, or call quicker and more consistently then your other. Checks up on you even though you probably have ignored the” Hey how have you been text for 2 or 3 days before you answer it.” Sadly the noble already most likely knows you will never be his queen, however talking to you most likely comforts him and frankly his compassion for you comforts you.

Scary thing is a lot of the douches are masters of playing noble just long enough for you to fall for them. Once you have fallen the douchery starts. Countless times I witness good women getting used, hell some of these douches should have a swinging door or a turnstile as a bedroom door. Chances are the chic at the local convenience store sees them more then you do. Yet they are the best thing since the invention of a manicure and pedicure combo sale. For the life of me I cannot understand why this is even your choice. Recently I had an opportunity to ask a couple of great women why? The answer was they like the bad boy, they think they can fix them and how cute they are.  Well the noble can also have that rebel side and will still respect you. The noble probably also has issues that need a fix and well the cute thing is either you have it or you don’t. This difference is you will most likely be treated as the queen of the kingdom and will walk by his side, not behind him or even in front of him. They will be open to share things with you like they will be able to hand over their unlocked phone if asked. Chances are your will not have to call first for a surprise pop over visit. Not saying this is something you should or even ask for. Three relationships within my time the women of my life at the time would always be texting and always hide the screens or go to another room when texting. Turns out all 3 of those women cheated on me. Me on the other hand my phone is only locked with a password when I am at work when I was home it was unlocked and set on a counter. Hell I remember getting screamed and yelled at for even touching hers to move it to clean the table.  Funny thing is after the break ups they had a new man within weeks or sometimes days.

Can you convert a Douche to a noble NO YOU CAN NOT they are the only ones that can change themselves, oh and by the way they have to want to and come up with the idea on their own. If you push them you are just making things worse for yourself.  Most cases the abuse keeps up for years and sadly is tolerated, really sad as so many nobles are available. To each there own though, the nobles within your life will most likely always be there and chances are you talk to them more than your douche and most likely they know more about you then your douche does.

Can a noble be a douche sadly yes. Chances are this is extremely short lived, chances are you caught them at a low point of their day and the douchery was a reaction of the feelings they have for you that you do not respect or fail to see. After all they are human.  This really is not being a Douche it is them having a hard time dealing with the way you are being treated.  Or they are trying to act in a way that they feel you respond to.

Me personally I am a noble. Sadly at times I wish I was a douche. Seems that they are happy, the people they are with most likely are not. I know seems like a self- centered comment.   I would be lying to you if I said the thought never crossed my mind. Truth is I do not have it in me, besides I have learned that my values define whom I am and it is what helped me to obtain the respect people have for me.  If you have a douche chances are your happiness will take a long time for you to see that is if you’re lucky enough to see it at all.

So what does this all mean?  Frankly I do not know other then. Maybe we should all consider all sides of a situation. Maybe people’s feelings should matter and we all should show a little compassion for all those around us.  Douches will normally stay a Douche for most of their time. They may have a few good days, weeks, or months but I am betting they will continue to be a douche. Just as the Noble will still always be a noble and will endure the trials and tribulations of your life with you, WHY? Frankly because that is who they are and standing by the sides of people they care about is all they know and they are good at it.

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One of the relationship struggles in life is the friend-zone. I know myself I have been on both ends of this. Personally I have 4 people really close to my heart that I would love to go out with just to be in their company. The primary mission is to get to know them better to see if the thought of a relationship with one of them would be even remotely feasible.  However, I am stuck in the friend-zone. Being an emotional human at times, I choose to berate myself the two biggest things I say to myself are things like your old and ugly.  Now with this said the old one does not really matter because I have already proven that age does not matter since I have already dated women half my age and one that was almost half my age.  So then I focus on the looks thing I know me personally connection and humor relate more to my love needs then looks. Height age, weight, hair color, race and nationality do not matter to me. Understanding that some if not most (my opinion) focus more on things like looks and financial status. Sad thing is I know and studies show that relationships not built of friendship and laughter that are only focused on looks or finances rarely work long term. The last reason I think of sometimes for me personally is my children which some consider baggage. In that regard if children are baggage then perhaps you need your head examined and I wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with you anyway.  The other point I think that is relevant them like me do not want to risk losing this awesome friendship I have with them on the whole dice roll of possible romance.

With this said I know personally I have 2 or 3 that I keep in the friend zone. The reason for me is simply because of the way they view themselves. My life to this point has been emotional and challenging. I have decided that I want a companion to share experiences with not a full time counseling job. Sounds harsh I understand and I am not saying I would not help them with their problems just saying that I would prefer that every time we are together it not be a session. I would also say that if they are independent and have a goals that would be so much easier than a huge list of problems and issue that they have no idea how to  or desire to fix. Again I fully understand that I have issues and problems, well frankly we all do the difference is I have put my stuff in order it may not all be fixed but I have a course of action.

Ok enough about my experience let’s talk about a friend-zone.  My issue with this is simply if the person in your friend-zone is good enough for you to call at 3am and you trust with your deepest secrets, why would you not give them a date or two. Again not saying you sleep with them or talk marriage or clingy obsessed relationship. Just saying perhaps if they are that wonderful in your life roll the dice.  Maybe you would be surprised and happier then you ever have been.  You see you have already trusted your darkest secrets and desire with them, they know you and respect you already SO WHAT THE HELL IS THE HANG UP? You obviously respect them enough to tell your story to them. You allow them to hold back your hair when your puking so why not be honest with yourself. 85% of the time this person in the friend-zone is most of what you desire in a mate.  So a few articles ago I wrote about test driving it before you buy it. My question is in this case haven’t you already you already test drove their personality, compassion and care? You know this person is there for you and you tell them stuff you wouldn’t even tell your bestie.  P.S. a date or two is just that, you shouldn’t be having sex within your first couple of dates anyway, relationship experts recommend 3 to 6 months of dating before consensual sex.  The common things LOOKS, MONEY, STATUS, BAGGAGE, or loss of a friend.  Maybe my views are off but  knowing what I do I think I may just give my friend –zone person a date or 2 , if nothing else I know they  will be smiling for the night  and I will gain a chance to perhaps know them a little better. Who knows maybe there are for me,   besides a date or 2 is really not a big thing, besides it maybe a movie or dinner you didn’t have to do alone.

My personal take away from this is I plan on trying to give people my time if they desire it, does not mean I want to or need to sleep with them just going to give them some of time they are looking for.  I just may not have seen that side of them yet that shows me a romantic connection.

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Hope, Brings Happiness , Desire , Motivation and even Depression

Hope can be so many things for so many people.  Most view hope as a positive, however it has a tricky side or two.  Hope in itself is the driving force for so many things we desire.  You all have been to the point of hope.  Hope can have a dangerous side. When what you hoped does not happen the way you expect it to. If not managed carefully this type of letdown can cause you sadness and lead to depression.

Hope can also be the driving force for choices we make. For example I was just speaking with a friend of mine. She shared her story. Basically she is in love with someone that she feel she feels she has a deep connection with, for whatever reason they did not work. Her hope is that at some point they will be together again.  This hope had caused her to make decisions with in her life that would benefit them both in the end even tho they are currently together. So her hope of in the future being with this man causes her to make decisions which in some cases have the potential to hold her back for the benefit of a life together with this man which may or may not happen.  It is within my opinion that this could have the potential to do a few things. Depression will be extremely hard and deep if the two never become one again. Additionally, she would have the potential to hold herself back from great things that may be presented to her if they do not fit within the plan that she has determined within her mind. Anything is possible and if her desire is fulfilled then choices she has made to this point will fit well for her and this man.  My experience has shown me that anytime I have made choices based upon the hopes of gaining something haven’t really worked for me. It causes me to end in a really emotionally dark place.  My pursuit at relationship usually involves women that are younger then I. My hopes is that this trend continues.  Because of this hope I find myself exercising a lot, trying to keep up on latest dance trends and so forth and so on.  The benefit is that I am really pretty healthy and apparently fun at parties. I also giggle at the fact that I am in better shape and have better stamina then most of the young boys (Um sorry men) the type of women I am interested in go after.

My life has had its share of positive hope and negative hope. Hope is an extremely motivating thing. Recently I have posted a lot of videos both on my snap chat and face book a lot of times I am singing. Singing is one of those things that has been part of me since I was at Union Ave Baptist Church Choir in Patterson, New Jersey back when I was like 5 . Back then I was carefree the opinions of others were not the driving force that hope of not being judged or made fun of never crossed my mind. Today I have recently started singing again and I get made fun of and some people have even have complemented me or stated that I have inspired them to sing again. Truth is that was one of my hopes I hoped that if I did it perhaps others would join in. Spreading the joy of music to all. The other hope for me is that a couple of the females that I am interested but as of late I am so gun shy in ask to go out.  My hope is they would see that vulnerable tender side of whom I am and be interested in getting to know me better and perhaps being the last relationship I ever have to search for.

In closing just remember hope can be so many things just be careful on how much you allow it to change or control you destiny and desire.  As always thank you for your time.  If you have a story you want shared or if you have comments please send them to me at . Please like, share and follow the blog. Mt hope is to still do an audio version of dolphnotes next year on my own internet radio station.  Also if you want to be a guest writer or a regular writer please contact me.

I decent deduction of HOPE  Watson :

Success Shouldn’t we both celebrate

Another common issue amongst great couples is success. One would think that it shouldn’t be . The problem lies within our own felling of self worth. Let me explain. Certain things we achieve usually professionally has the potential to allow ourselves to feel not as good or unsuccessful compared to our mate. They may have a job that is better or money in the bank or perhaps a  better education. Whatever the success is it causes jealousy or possibly a feeling of low self worth. My opinion is that we all simply look at it the wrong way and even myself it took me a while but I realized that I was guilty as well. My issue was the relationships some of my ex’s had with their friends. Honestly I should have embraced it however, I pushed her friends and my ex away. Turns out that it is all childish. I was jealous of her success to maintain and keep friends. It is not that I do not have friends I actually have a lot of great friends, my issue was because of previous choices I’ve made I put myself in a position that I have to work all the time. It was not my ex’s fault it was mine that I could not hang out with my friends more .  She was successfully in maintaining her social butterfly status and I had to put mine on hold. More commonly the success issues stems from money or career not necessarily social status like mine did. Of course I have a different view on those type success issues, money is the root of all evil I HATE money and material things. I am an emotional type person,  relationships are my wealth human interaction is my material need.

Success should never make ones self worth feel low. Success within a relationship should be celebrated. Again this is usually another area that I seem to be way different in during today’s world. My partners success is something that I feel as being ½ of the relationship that I should and want to support regardless of my own evaluation of my self worth. In the long run as my partner achieves success I do as well. Her happiness is my happiness. It is by our own selfish regrets that we allow ourselves to be taken back by the success of others we care for.

Being personally involved in both sides of this I have learned that I lacked support and lacked supporting. Another one of the the lessons I learned too late in a relationship. My advice on this is simple share your feelings with your other regardless of how you feel or how you think it is going to make them feel,  empower yourself and your other to share and celebrate success. Trust me it will be the day to which you have lost everything that you realize that life is too short,  relationships are the foundation of your strength and empowerment  and I mean all relationships. Stop focusing on the small things, stop being jealous and feeling low about yourself,  and focus on the grand plan thier success is also yours . Cherish every relationship even those unknown like the mail carrier, the connivence store clerk , your neighbors well frankly anyone you come in contact with. Share your success with everyone not to be conceded but perhaps to inspire others to work hard. Help others to be succesful.  Trust me it has taken me a few months to pick myself up from a very very low place. If it was not for the success of my house mates and my friends sadly I know not where I would be today.

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